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Ward 8
Monday October 16th2017

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Most of us cringe at the idea of writing about ourselves in a bio - myself included, However it is not me that matters, it is the roles we take on that makes the difference. I am a mom, sister, daughter, women's advocate, lifelong volunteer, community champion, friendly support system, and voice for those who have trouble advocating for themselves.I am very much the same as you, shared roles, shared experiences, shared future

We all know that one size does not fit all. There are real problems for diverse peoples and so the roles we play and the perspectives we take make all the difference. This is where you and I are the same. I know what it is to struggle. I know what it is to succeed. I know what it is to work hard and to show nothing at the end but pride in job well done. I know what poverty tastes like and I know what it means to be afraid to share what you feel for fear of no one listening. Together we can listen and act, together we can becomes better.....

Get to know our ward

Ward 8 is a unique group of communities. Rich with history and diversity among peoples. Situated on treaty 6 land, the communities here are vibrant, prosperous and progressive.

EastGate Business Park

EastGate business park is the most eastern community in our ward. This is the only non-residential community in ward 8. EastGate is 2.62 km2 and is the largest community compared to all other 19 communities here.


Strathcona is the most populous community in our ward and was named after Lord Strathcona. It is the home of the Strathcona hotel which was built in 1891. This community is often referred to as Old Scona. Time after time, Strathcona has been voted as Edmonton's best neighborhood.

Windsor Park

Windsor park is the closest community to Hawrelak park. Windsor park was created in 1911 by way of farm land from Allen Omand.

High Level Bridge

It is rumored that the high level bridge on 109 Street NW is referred to by all Edmontonians as "THE bridge" because it is Edmonton's most prominent bridge.

Wayne Gretzky Drive

Now Wayne Gretzky drive, the freeway north on 75th Street from 101 Ave was once known as the Capilano.

Forest heights

Home to our candidate Lenore, Forest heights boasts a great community feeling and wonderful city views. Lenore has lived in forest heights for 2 years.

What Gets At Us

Every community and ward within our beautiful city has both shared and unique issues. We all want the place we call home to be the best it can be. Community input is essential to making our diverse lived experiences reflective in the communities we build. That make us wonder.. What gets at you?

  • David

    The number of bus stops in Forest Heights makes working downtown a breeze. Having stops close to my residence means that those frigid winter days are somewhat beareable.

  • Sade

    As a resident in a busy neighbourhood, I find that it can be very difficult to find parking even by your own residence. Especially during the winters when the roads are packed with snow. It would be nice if streets in this community were more accessible

  • Fola

    As a working mother, I can't always be dropping my child off at school. I wish the city would have more signage near the school to remind people to drive the safe side limit during school times. This would ensure safety of the children.

  • Larry

    I would like to see some new initiatives to tackle domestic violence in our city.

  • Natasha

    I feel that something needs to be done about our ever growing homeless population!

  • Sandy

    Knowing how to properly deal with the every day life stresses is a learned behavior. Youths, even as young as elementary ages, are more commonly being diagnosed with depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Our education system needs to adopt more mandatory alternative measures into the curriculum, such as yoga, to teach these youths healthy stress management tools.

  • Elizabeth

    I believe that public transit should be free in Edmonton because those who are most vulnerable, marginalized and in need are often unable to access support services. By providing free transportation Edmontonians would be able to better lift themselves and others out of the cycle of poverty, harm, incarceration and trauma.

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Let's Get Together

We're in it together, lets get it done together. In the spirit of living community we all have unique skills, ideas, financial positions and ways to participate. To contribute to this campaign and support our community in a meaningful way you can volunteer, get engaged in the conversation or send financial contributions. If Monetary donations are a way in which you can support Lenore on her journey to city council, you can send EFT to support@lenoredilts.com.

Get At Me

Communication is a key component of community.